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Should I Learn To Count Cards?

Should I Learn To Count Cards?

Hey, that is a great question, because frankly, this practice is not for everybody. It not only takes certain characteristics, but a certain kind of motivation, to want to be a card counter and to do it with some degree of success.

Do you want to become a long-term winner at the game of online blackjack? Do you want to be someone who can travel to exciting places, and put money IN your pocket rather than taking money OUT of it? Do you enjoy taking on a mental and physical challenge with a profit motive at the end? Do you want to become a professional, either full-time or part-time, and are willing to put the time in that is necessary to accomplish that end? If the answer to any of these questions is YES, then you should learn to count cards.

You see, recreational players wouldn’t mind spending a few hours learning a strategy to gain a break-even game with the house, but very few of them are really looking to spend a lot of time practicing and perfecting anything more complex. And that’s fine. For some people, work takes the fun out of blackjack; just being able to SAVE some money and have a better chance to win on their occasional trip to the casino is good enough.

Other people would like to take things a little bit further. They want to beat the house, not just occasionally but most of the time. And if they accept the fact that there is a process of learning and studying the winning system, they should be able to master that system. If you see yourself as this kind of person, then perhaps you should take a shot at learning to count cards.